~ About us ~

What we do, and why we’re so fond of koi fish

Put koi fish in a small pond, and they’ll grow to about 8 inches at most. Put them in a large lake, and they can grow to about three feet long. This fact guides the spirit behind Koizo innovations.

Commonplace marketing platforms and advertising systems can greatly limit your business’ growth and possibilities. That’s why Koizo Innovations doesn’t just provide you with run-of-the-mill marketing solutions. We develop entire analytical platforms and custom software that puts your business miles ahead of your competition. We innovate, based on your specific needs, so your business can grow without limit.

Just like koi fish, we stand for

  • Adaptability and Growth: We adapt to your industry and create the environment in it where you to expand to your absolute maximum.
  • Resilience: We take adverse changes as a challenge to learn and come out stronger.
  • Energy: We’re energetic, constantly innovating, instead of just keeping up.
  • Strength and Independence: We swim upstream, provide custom solutions, we don’t just go with the flow.

~ Our Process ~

How we go about helping your business grow.

  • Plan

    We go over your needs, the related requirements, and come up with solutions, strategies and a timeline.
  • Design

    We build a mockup of the look and functionalities of your custom software platform (such as analytical tools), marketing creatives (such as banners), or both.
  • Build

    We build and execute, test, fix bugs and work towards an official beta version.
  • Launch

    We officially launch your custom software systems and accompanying marketing campaign, but don’t just stop there. Continuous testing is paramount for improvement and growth.

~ Our Services ~

All your modern business needs in one spot

Koizo likes to push things to the limit, let your business grow as big as it can. Whether that is achieved through the creation of a strong brand identity, a compelling website, or innovative marketing software automatization; We have the experience and knowledge required to achieve it.

Product Development

Guiding your products from concept to execution to distribution.

Web design

Professional, current design of web visuals and functionalities.

App design

Innovative front and back end development and design of apps for mobile devices.

Brand Creation

Conceptualization and implementation of design guidelines for all brand outlets.


In-depth, comprehensive consultation that takes all aspects of your business into account, from software issues to marketing strategies.

Print Design

Compelling concepts and design of marketing creatives.

~ Testimonial ~

We like making people smile


Derek Warren

Koizo really took things to the next level. I never realized that my company had kind of gotten behind on marketing technology, until Koizo provided us with their advertising tools and our marketing department became much more efficient, leading to campaigns performing better.


Connor Brown

We’re an entertainment startup that needed a full brand design and website before we officially launched our company. We had already worked with several other companies but weren’t happy and our deadline was getting very close. Koizo jumped on the project with amazing energy and delivered exactly what we needed and more. They’re developing our app now too!


Elle Quinn

Koizo was such a breath of fresh air between all the consultants and product developers I met. I had been struggling with executing my nutrition product concepts and getting it to the right people, and was really looking for some original plans that suited my specific ideas. Koizo came in with really a lot of knowledge and interesting ideas, and my products are selling like crazy now!

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